Why do liberal places want me to…hold it in?

Why is it that the most liberal towns and cities are the ones where it is hardest for me to find a bathroom?  Aren’t they the places that profess the most compassion? Many will say “Restroom are for customers only/No public restrooms”.  Some will have “restrooms out of order” signs permanently (clearly a lie since the employees do use something). Some even have no sign there is a restroom at all and if you ask them, they’ll even tell a customer, “Sorry, we don’t have public restrooms”.  Restaurants where you have paid are an exception.

This is very different from most other towns in America where I can walk up to pretty much any place and find a restroom.

You know who I am grateful towards in this regard? Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Albertson’s – these will always let me use a restroom.   In addition, Walmart has made a commitment for decades now that if someone wants to park a car in their parking lot overnight and sleep there, they will not prevent that.  I have taken them up on that once when there were no motel rooms available one night during a long road trip and the hotel rooms were way too expensive for me and the Mrs.  We slept in our car at a Walmart lot in Paso Robles…and used their bathroom in the morning.

By quite a coincidence, these very companies are targets of liberals for vilification.  What’s the deal? What do liberals have against me peeing?